Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Is your hair difficult to manage? Tired of unwanted crimps and curls? Our Brazilian Keratin Treatment is the answer to all your hair worries. No more disorderly and fractious locks, just sleek and smooth hair that feels soft and silky.
What is Keratin?

Keratin is an organic compound which is among other things the essential component of human hair. It provides hair with stronghold, shine and complex protection from inside and outside.
What is Brazilian Keratin and how does it work?

Brazilian Keratin is a purely natural product developed in 2006 in Brazil. It is a non-chemical preparation designed for hair regenerating and forming, primarily for a long term hair straightening. Molecules of keratin pierce into the inner hair structure and repair its damage. The results are visible immediately after application.
Daily exposure to our normal environment, dust, chemical treatments, stress and other factors can easily damage the natural Keratin in your hair. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment provides your hair with hydrolysed Keratin proteins, which merge together with our hair’s natural Keratin when heated, a process known as the sealing process.  
Brazilian Keratin enables hair straightening without damage and changes in hair structure; it does not contain any chemical components. Brazilian Keratin also provides hair with deep regeneration and protects it from damaging impacts such as:
  • Sun/UV rays
  • Salt water
  • Chlorinated water
  • Wind
  • Frost
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