Yuko Japanese Straightening 
YUKO Hair Straightening is a patented hair texturizing system that will give you hassle-free stunning straight hair with natural shine.  Also known as thermal reconditioning, YUKO will re-texturize your hair, making it stronger, healthier and manageable, no matter how curly, unruly or color-treated your hair is.
Want to learn more about Yuko permanent Japanese hair straightening? Book a complimentary consultation with one of our well-trained stylists who can answer all of your questions. 
Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions on Yuko permanent Japanese hair straightening.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the YUKO hair straightening process take?

3-4 hours, depending on the hair type, length amount of hair and damage level.

How long does YUKO hair straightening last?

Hair that is treated with YUKO will remain straight almost permanently. However, new hair will grow according to its natural texture. We recommend that you get YUKO touch-ups every 4 to 6 months, but the interval will vary depending on your natural hair texture and how quickly your hair grows.

How soon after having YUKO hair straightening can the hair be washed or get wet?

We recommend 2 day after this treatment is done. Blow dry 100% after shampooing every time to maintain straightness.

How does YUKO hair straightening work?

The solutions used for YUKO Hair Straightening permanently straightens the hair. The solutions work by physically changing the internal structure of the hair. By applying heat with a flat iron, it creates a permanent straight shape.

Is YUKO hair straightening safe for me?

Yes. YUKO solutions does not contain any chemicals that produce formaldehyde or any other cancer-causing substances.

Will YUKO hair straightening damage my hair?

The YUKO process is not just about straightening hair, it also re-texturizes your hair to a healthy shine. Book a complimentary consultation with one of our specialist today to learn more about YUKO hair straightening

Does YUKO hair straightening work on any type of hair?

Yes, YUKO hair straightening works on all hair types. Although we do recommend taking extra cautions when dealing with highlighted and damaged hair. The best candidate for YUKO hair straightening is healthy virgin hair or hair that has been colored by a stylist with single process color.

Can I have YUKO hair straightening and color at the same time?

No. Color your hair at least 2 weeks before or after the straightening procedure. Applying both chemical treatments simultaneously will result in hair damage, so do them separately to avoid undesirable results.

I have done a relaxer/Brazilian/Keratin treatment before. Can I still have YUKO hair straightening done?

We do not recommend getting YUKO hair straightening except on new growth. Please wait 3-4 months until the relaxer/Brazilian/Keratin Treatment coating is completely off your hair to get YUKO hair straightening.

Do I need to use special hair-care products after the YUKO treatment?

We offer home care products in our salon that will work optimally on hair that has been treated with YUKO hair straightening. Our talented stylists will provide you with Care Tips and information on daily hair care.

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